City and Guilds 9209-11 level 5 Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

This course provides learners to learn, develop and practice the advanced skills required for employment, career progression or university progression in the engineering sector.
It will also allow learners to build their knowledge of the principles of mathematics, science and technologies that underpin engineering.

What will I Study?

Participants will be attached to the relevant industries to do 5 days/week on the job training (OJT) and attend 7.5 hours/ week classroom learning and practical assignments.

  • The course offers a broad range of practical skills supported by the underpinning knowledge gained through the Advanced Technical Diploma element of the course in the key areas of Engineering • Advanced Engineering Mathematics • Principles of Mechanical Engineering • Analysis of the Mechanics of Fluids • Applied Thermodynamics • Mechanics of Solids • Properties of Materials for Engineering Applications •Dynamics Of Machines Systems • Project Management • Engineering Project


Course Duration/Course Fees/Assessment Fees

Duration: 24 months (min.) (Part Time)
Course Fees: RM 19,200.00
Assessment Fees: RM 3000.00 (Estimated)

Entry Requirements

  1. STPM/UEC at least Grade B in Physics and Mathematics
  2. City & Guilds Diploma with at least one year Work Experience.
  3. MQA Accredited Engineering Diploma from Private College with CPGA at least 3.0.
  4. SPM with at least 5 As (Inclusive of Add. Maths, Physics and English) and above 18 years olds can be considered on a case to case basis (subject to approval form City & Guilds UK)).

Course Content

For this level, Learners will be required to complete the following modules:

Unit Title Assessment Method Remark
9209-500 Engineering Mathematics Dated entry written exam Mandatory /Compulsory unit
9209-503 Principles of Mechanical Engineering Dated entry written exam Mandatory /Compulsory unit
9209-504 Project Management Assignment Optional unit
9209-505 Instrumentation and Control Systems Dated entry written exam Optional unit
9209-513 Advanced Engineering Mathematics Dated entry written exam Mandatory /Compulsory unit
9209-514 Analysis of the mechanics of fluids Dated entry written exam Mandatory /Compulsory unit
9209-515 Applied Thermodynamics Dated entry written exam Mandatory /Compulsory unit
9209-516 Mechanics of solids Dated entry written exam Mandatory /Compulsory unit
9209-517 Properties of materials for engineering applications Dated entry written exam Mandatory /Compulsory unit
9209-518 Dynamics of machine systems Dated entry written exam Mandatory /Compulsory unit
9209-600 Advanced Skills Enhancement Program Practical Assignments (coursework) Optional Unit


How will I be taught?

The Centre will supply all tools & equipment in the practical training areas but under Health & Safety it is mandatory to take safety precaution. Learners are required to follow strictly on the safety instruction in the lab when performing practical activities. Learners are required to submit the tutorials, course work/assignment given by lecturers on time. You will also require writing equipment, scientific calculator, A4 lined paper & a large ring binder for a ‘Portfolio’. All students are required to keep & maintain a Portfolio containing ALL evidence of achieving competence.

How will I be assessed?

Assignments: externally set by City & Guilds, internally marked by center, externally verified. Dated entry written exam paper.


1 year (top up) degree (B.Eng (Hons) at UK University branch campus in Singapore.