Message from the Principal

Mr. Pau Kew Chong

Mr. Pau Kew Chong

Principal - Fourier TVET Center Sdn. Bhd

Fourier TVET Centre Sdn Bhd has a long history of about 20 years of experience into offering professional engineering degree by Engineering Council (EC, UK). The tertiary education is modelled  using Dual-Engineering Education and Training where participants are in full employment and articulate their studies in the evening. To-date, our centre has produced more than 800 professional engineering graduates who have achieved the academic registration of Chartered Engineer (CEng) status with Engineering Council, UK and local Professional Engineer (PEng) status with the Board of Engineers (BEM, Malaysia) including registration of Incorporated Engineer (IEng) with Institution of Engineers and Technology (IET, UK), IMechE (UK), ICE (UK) etc.

Fourier TVET Centre Sdn Bhd specializes in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) which incorporates the renown dual work and study programmes conducted by both City and Guilds (UK) and Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) by Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK, Malaysia)

Fourier TVET Centre is the only City and Guilds (UK) approved centre in the world offering the most complete and comprehensive range of City and Guilds certified engineering programmes leading to the recognition of International Professional Engineering registration to include the following:

  1. Dublin Accord, Ireland (for International Engineering registration for Technician)
  2. Sydney Accord, Australia (for International Engineering registration for Technologist)
  3. Washington Accord, USA (for International Engineering registration for Engineer)

We are authorized by City & Guilds (UK) to perform self-assessment and self-invigilation.

Fourier TVET Centre Sdn Bhd offers a unique selling preposition for the work and study programme where participants are offered work placement and continue to pursue engineering career from the Proficiency level, Certificate ,Diploma, Graduate Diploma (British B.Eng (Hons) standard)  and Postgraduate Diploma level (British MEng standard)  where our graduates are employed by multi-national companies (MNCs) such as Keysight, Motorola, Intel , AMD ,National Instrument , B. Braun, Osram, Robert Bosch, Infineon, First Solar, Sony,  Panasonic, Renesas and other MNCs and local elite group of SMEs.

Fourier TVET Centre Sdn Bhd deploys a pool of highly competent engineers as trainers and lecturers to transfer advanced engineering knowledge and skills to the younger generation of engineers, technologists and technicians. The efficient deployment of both theoretical and practical subjects and leveraging the advanced manufacturing facilities from industries to provide the confidence nurturing highly qualified employees which directly benefit local industries.

Fourier TVET Centre Sdn Bhd adapted the warning from World Bank that it has been difficult for many countries to generate high income jobs and as global competition stiffen, the Dual-Vocational and Dual-Engineering Education and Training becomes the solution for developing countries. Our graduates whom have participated in our Dual Mode programme were employed or indirectly student placement in companies in the USA, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Italy, Germany, Holland and the northern region of Peninsula Malaysia.

Fourier TVET Centre Sdn Bhd reckons the world shortage of technically trained engineers and technicians to compliment the tremendous growth in the economic GDP and highly technological industries. Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) has been adopted by our Malaysian education Blueprint to complement the traditional tertiary education to provide high employability graduates.

Fourier TVET Centre Sdn Bhd has been an approved centre by Jabatan Pembagunan Kemahiran (JPK) to conduct skills development courses and the collaboration takes a new journey to promote work and study programme using fund availability from Perbadanan Tabung Pembagunan Kemahiran (PTPK, Malaysia).



To become preferred choice of dual- engineering and dual- vocational education and training centre that helps countries to nurture highly skilled engineers and technicians for sustainable development of manufacturing/service value chain.